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Niels Bohr Essays (183 words) - Atomic Physics, Chemical Properties

Niels Bohr October 21, 1998 Niels Bohr Niels Bohr was conceived in Copenhagen, he is the child of a physiology educator, and went to class at the University of Copenhagen, this is the place he got his doctorate in 1911. Bohr won the Nobel piece prize for his hypothesis of nuclear structures. As indicated by Microsoft Encarta His work drew on Rutherford's atomic model of the iota, in which the molecule is viewed as a minimized core encompassed by a multitude of a lot lighter electrons. He felt that electrons are orchestrated in unequivocal shells, or quantum levels, at a major good ways from the core. The course of action of these electrons is known as the electron design. The quantity of these electrons approaches the nuclear number if the molecule; hydrogen has a solitary electron, helium has 2, and uranium has 92. The electron shells are worked from a first shell to a sum of seven shells. The principal shell is finished with two electrons, the second can hold up to eight electrons, and the accompanying shells hold bigger numbers. The last electrons decide the substance conduct of the particle. Science Essays

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R U Experienced Essays - Purple Haze, Jimi Hendrix, Red House

R U Experienced? Is it true that you are Experienced? The Jimi Hendrix Experience discharged its first collection in mid 1967. Well known music had been inclining towards hallucinogenics for two or three years as of now and Are You Experienced? came out at about a similar time as the Beatles' Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. Is it accurate to say that you are Experienced? far surpassed the Beatles' triumph in intricacy, catching the pith of the late 1960's way of life. Normally the more current band didn't share the quick accomplishment of the Beatles. Be that as it may, its resilience has been vouched for by a few ages. The British variant of Are You Experienced? contained a couple of unobtrusive contrasts. Most noticeable were the nonattendance of Purple Haze and the expansion of Hendrix standard Red House. Purple Haze burst into flames in America after the Monterey Pop Festival and turned into Jimi's mark tune. In spite of the fact that it was said to have unlimited sections, Jimi for th e most part sang just the abbreviated adaptation from the collection (with a couple of slapped together changes). The single was sent to radio broadcasts with a note: This melody was deliberately mutilated. Try not to change. Are You Experienced?, similarly as with a large portion of the Experience's music, sounds overwhelming regardless of how often you hear it out. In fact, the stony Purple Haze is about as close as they at any point come to hard rock. The following tune, Hyper Depression comes in solid with the initial harmonies and afterward uncovers Mitch Mitchell's trademark moving drums. It likewise contains another of Jimi's performances worth tuning in to by any new or Experienced fan. Chas Chandler picked the calmest melody on the collection to give the world its first taste of The Jimi Hendrix Experience. Its first single was Hello Joe, a melody composed by turn-of-the-century bluesman Billy Roberts. The main bars of Hello Joe leave presumably that it is being dealt with by an ace. It immediately climbed the British pop outlines, beating out at number 2 (behind Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds). No other tune composed or performed by Jimi Hendrix had as much accomplishment as this one. When there are others around, it causes you to feel alive. However, when you sit alone and tune in to the music, each harmony gets in your throat. Love or Confusion has chanced upon me more than once when I was out of nowhere understanding the dispair of one more relationship. In the event that the solution to his inquiry isn't evident during the melody itself, Jimi answers it for you with his absolute last murmur. Love or Confusion is an evil twister of feeling. It shakes you up and when you lose your ability to know east from west, it drops free from you, leaving you to fall savagely to the profundities of the real world. That is when May This Be Love enters to let you down without any problem. Mitch turns on the delicate roll. Jimi sings pleasantly about his cascade. The pace gets, getting rushed for a second when Jimi reviews the others in this world, with their arrangements. Yet, they can do whatever it is that they do. Jimi couldn't care less, and neither do I, as long as I have my cascade. I Don't Live Today experiences a few lead-in sections, however it burns through brief period getting to one of the most hallucinogenic minutes in rock. At the summit, Jimi cries, Ah, There ain't no life no place! When you hear it the announcement is strangely consoling. The melody leads out with Jimi arguing over and over to you: Get Experienced. If a thousand groups haven't secured The Wind Cries Mary, it is out of worship. Short and straightforward (OK, I'm not an artist), this tune resembles a fantasy. The beautiful portrayals (the traffic lights turn blue tomorrow.) are a trace of what is to become Axis: Bold as Love - the Experience's subsequent collection. Fire was one of Jimi's preferred tunes to play live. Quick paced and astounding, it leaves no s peculating about Jimi's wants. The verses froze a million white collar class moms, as it turned on their little girls. A little counsel: move over, Rover. Third Stone From the Sun remains solitary in rock history as the main instrumental with words. It recounts to the account of an outsider race which comes down to look at the planet

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Books That Got Me Out of My Reading Slump

Books That Got Me Out of My Reading Slump Im in a reading slump. A major one. Im either too tired, too busy, or just not interested in reading lately which is practically anathema to who I am. You know its bad when you go to your local bookstore and sadly mope around all the shelves, perusing the new release table, and pick up book after book after book, and then put them all back down again. Im not sure what, exactly, is going on. So I thought Id look at my own bookshelves at home, to rekindle my love of reading. Here are some books that I read to kick-start that reading spark: Bluets  by Maggie Nelson. This book of prose-poetry was one of the first poetry books I really fell in love with. I first picked it up in grad school, a few years ago, and Nelsons cerebral musings pulled me in, and her writing washed over me. To this day, anything Maggie Nelson, but especially Bluets, reminds me how lovely the written word can be. Bad Feminist  by Roxane Gay. This collection of essays made me laugh, brought me to tears, and angered me, all at the same time. Every time I pick it up, I notice something I hadnt thought about before, or more questions arise. Thats the hallmark of a great book (for me, anyway). To Kill a Mockingbird  by Harper Lee. One of my all-time, can do no wrong favorites. Lees writing is nearly flawless, the fact that the South is practically a character in itself, and Scouts persona all remind me why I love reading and what a wonderful book can do. Lit  by Mary Karr. Really, any of Karrs memoirs (or even her latest, The Art of Memoir)  are all spectacular. Her writing is acerbic, blunt, and she pulls no punches. Having seen her talk in person, reading her is like sitting down and talking with her, and by the end of the book, you basically want her to be your best friend. Seriously. Or maybe thats just me. Howl and Other Poems, by Allen Ginsberg. Im not a poet (unless you count the angsty poetry teen me wrote). But Ginsbergs way with words just slays me, every. single. time. The language is fabulous, the imagery is like nothing else, and it always inspires me with new ideas. What are some go-to books that reignite your passion for reading when youre stuck?

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The Disturbing World Of Human Trafficking - 999 Words

â€Å"Man is a wolf to man.† This Latin proverb starts the reader on a harrowing journey into the disturbing world of human trafficking. John Bowe speaks to the typical American as he investigates the often hidden and dangerous side of globalization. Humans have a natural desire to get ahead in life, even if sometimes others have to suffer as a result. This attitude is the catalyst for what is known as modern day slavery. The author sums up his book perfectly when he says, â€Å"We all seek control. Control equals power. Power corrupts. Corruption makes us blind, tyrannical and desperate to justify our behavior.† Indeed he proves that statement true throughout the book. First we are introduced to Immokalee, Florida. Florida has approximately forty four Thousand farms and two hundred and eighty different crops including: tobacco, peppers, peanuts, radishes, sweet corn, snap peas, cucumbers and more. Two of the largest crops are oranges and tomatoes. Forty miles inland from Fort Myers Beach, you will find Immokalee. There we meet the large number of underpaid migrant workers who pick the produce all of us Nobodies: A Literary Review 3 consume through such companies as Tropicana. Many workers report being forced to live in poor conditions and threatened with violence by a labor contractor known as ‘El Diablo’. He was infamous for his extreme cruelty. Because of these conditions and the number of hours these migrant workers are forced to work, the average life expectancy is just fortyShow MoreRelatedThe Global Problem of Human Trafficking and What Some Countries Are Doing About It1164 Words   |  5 Pages Human trafficking forces millions against their will to beg, prostitute, or work in sweatshops for the profit of others. It is a crime against humanity that affects almost every country. The definition of human trafficking according to the book â€Å"Trafficking in Human$† is, the recruitment and transportation of human beings through deception and coercion for the purposes of exploitation. Human trafficking is an on-going issue with negative effects on individuals and society. Under the umbrellaRead MoreThe Reality of Sex Slavery in the Present Day1396 Words   |  6 Pageswhere today’s world no longer†¯exists†¯due to†¯an†¯unknown catastrophe.†¯ The only human is a man who calls himself the†¯Abominable†¯Snowman or Snowman for short, but in his childhood days his name was Jimmy.†¯ If the thought of being all alone in the world is not uneasy enough, Atwood takes this opportunity to point out the flaws of the†¯modern†¯world†¯through Snowman’s reminiscing about Jimmy’s childhood.†¯ The truths†¯exposed are events†¯that†¯people do not want to acknowledge: animal abuse for human advancementRead MoreHuman Trafficking Should Be Stopped For Multiple Reasons916 Words   |  4 PagesHuman trafficking is criminal activity in which humans such as men, women, and children are consider as possessions for involuntary labor or prostitution. Although human trafficking is thoug ht of being a problem only in other countries, it is also a growing problem in the United States, and should be stopped for multiple reasons. Many Americans do not have to deal with human trafficking as a part of their daily lives and only assume that it happens in foreign countries or in movies. In reality thisRead MoreThe Problem Of Child Sex Trafficking1199 Words   |  5 PagesChild Sex Trafficking Have you ever walked into Wal-Mart and taken the time to look at the numerous pictures of missing youth that is plastered on the wall? When looking at how long they have been missing, it ranges anywhere from months to years. Looking at their age, both boys and girls, it is hard not to wonder if these kids are being trafficked. Child sex trafficking, also known as human trafficking, is a major issue that is not only plaguing the United States, but the world. ResidingRead MoreHuman Trafficking : A Modern Form Of Slavery924 Words   |  4 Pages PRESENT HUMAN SLAVERY ISN’T JUST ABOUT SEX TRAFFICKING, UP TO 27 MILLION PEOPLE ARE FORCED INTO LABOR IN THE GLOBAL ECONOMY, FROM TOMATOES TO ELECTRONICS TO AMERICAN MILITARY CONTRACTING IN PLACES LIKE IRAQ. AS AMERICANS THINK ABOUT HUMAN TRAFFICKING, THEY ARE INCLINED TO THINK ABOUT SEXUAL SLAVERY. IN FACT THE ACTUAL STORIES OF GIRLS SOLD OFF TO BROTHELS OR TRICKED INTO TAKING PART INTO PROSTITUTION BY GANGSTERS IS GREAT FEED FOR JOURNALISTS. THIS APPEALS TO A CERTAIN TYPE OF CELEB COMMITMENT THATRead MoreHuman Trafficking : The Post Modern Slavery?1353 Words   |  6 PagesName: Lara Kochenborger Professor: LaChe Pool Subject: English Date: February 19, 2016 Human Trafficking: The Post-Modern Slavery? Introduction: Human trafficking, being such a hideous crime, that privates people from their right to freedom, is not only largely hidden, but the victims are also often forgotten; could be extinguished if the problem received more attention by the authorities. Being a crime that exists since the beginning of the times, we should expect to see more actionRead MoreHuman Trafficking And Its Effects On Society1273 Words   |  6 Pagesmodern day world, and the images associated with it are almost identical. Human trafficking, or â€Å"the modern slavery,† is defined as the â€Å"organized criminal activity in which human beings are treated as possessions to be controlled and exploited (as by being forced into prostitution or involuntary labor)† by Merriam Webster Dictionary (np). At any given time this affects 2.4 million people, 80% of whom are sexually exploited. This paper will highlight the tragic past of human trafficking for sexualRead MoreThe War On Human Trafficking2117 Words   |  9 Pages The War on Human Trafficking Leah A. Rampersaud La Guardia Community College Professor Bojana Blagojevic December 3rd ,2014 Introduction: Today in our society human trafficking is a definitely a growing crime that more than often goes unrecognized. Men, women and children are being stolen and traded for sex everyday against their will. Mistakenly people tend to think that human trafficking is a third world issue but it’s not, it’s bigger than that it’s a worldwideRead MoreThe Sex Industry Has Become A Global Multimillion Dollar Industry1580 Words   |  7 Pagesencourages people to engage in these deviant behaviors. It emphasizes more on men being superior and making females inferior (Hall 2015). Child prostitution, sex trafficking, sex trade involves woman and children who are exploited and violates the norms. The specific problem with the sex industry is that pornography, prostitution, and sex trafficking have become a prominent social problem. What these have in common is that the technology and the internet has been widely used to lure individuals into thisRead MoreThe Sex Industry Has Become A Global Multimillion Dollar Industry1579 Words   |  7 Pagesencourages people to engage in these deviant behaviors. It emphasizes more on men being superior and making females inferior (Hall 2015). Child prostitution, sex trafficking, sex trade involve woman and children who are exploited and violates the norms. The specific problem with the sex industry is that pornography, prostitution, and sex trafficking have become a prominent social problem. What these have in common is that the technology and the internet has been widely used to lure individuals into this

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A Discussion And Analysis Of Same Sex Marriage - 1825 Words

â€Å"A Discussion and Analysis of Same-Sex Marriage in the United States† Tranard J. Harvin Dr. Yousuf PLJS 301 - American Government Claflin University November 13, 2015 A Discussion and Analysis of Same-Sex Marriage in the United States Tranard J. Harvin, Claflin University Introduction The notion of same-sex love is as ancient as human love and the question of how it is recognized and understood has bedeviled every human civilization. This institution has existed since the date of Plato’s Symposium and has even been evident in seventeenth-century China and nineteenth century Africa where it was identical to opposite-sex marriage (Sullivan, 2004). Until the fourteenth-century of the Common Era, same-sex unions existed and were†¦show more content†¦This debate is evitable across religious practices and is based on the morale of a number of religious books including the Torah and the Holy Bible. In each of these widely used religious books, the institution of marriage is between a man and woman and any other union is considered an abomination. The purpose of this paper is to discuss and analyze Same-Sex Marriage in the United States based on the arguments in favor of and against this recently legalized institution. The recent Supreme Court ruling in favor of Same-Sex Marriage has caused great controversy in the United States. People from both sides of this argument are still feeling the backfire from this decision. It is not easy to justify same-sex marriage, an institution that some same-sex couples consider to be a political act (Kimport, 2013). Despite the contemporary understandings of marriage as a personal union based on love, this implicit collective identity can easily be misinterpreted as a dislike for such unions. In fact, it is the exact opposite. Statement of the Problem Same-sex marriage has been both supported and not supported on the basis of several clusters of variables. These variables, according to Kimport, include symbolic politics, moral and religious attitudes and

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Family Counseling By Dr. Berger - 1303 Words

The Jarrett family was referred to family counseling by Dr. Berger, to address the family’s breakdown in communication brought on by grief, after losing the oldest son in a tragic accident and the events that followed. The Jarrett’s are an upper-middle-class white family that live-in Forest Hills, Illinois. †¢ Calvin, the father, age 41, is an attorney in a well-established law firm in Chicago. He has been acting as the mediator between Beth and Conrad. He was emotional about the loss of his son, Buck, and is concerned about Conrad’s mental health after his suicide attempt. †¢ Beth, the mother, age 40, seems to be the leader although, she is a stay-at-home mother. Beth is socially active and is adamant about keeping up appearances.†¦show more content†¦Throughout the marriage Beth has decreed who Calvin will be as a husband and father; on the day of Buck’s funeral she criticized Calvin’s choice of shoes he was wearing and demanded that he change them. Calvin also has a poorly differentiated â€Å"self†; he will quickly conform to Beth’s demands because he also craves approval. She demands that her children be and act perfect. When Buck was little, before Conrad was born, Beth formed a very tight bond with Buck, that seemed to push Calvin out of the happy little triangle that was their family. Beth’s pregnancy with Conrad was difficult; morning sickness, high blood pressure and a difficult labor and delivery. Beth does not have the same bond with Conrad as she did with Buck. Since Bucks death, Beth has withdrawn from any connect she might have had with Conrad; at times ignoring him when they are in the same room together, being irritated if Calvin wants to share his concerns about their son’s emotional state and refusing to even be in a picture with Conrad. Calvin’s alliance with Beth begins to shift when he begins to realize that Beth is not the person he thought she was. He wonders if she cannot not even find a little compassion for their son, who is hurting so much; can she even love. As Calvin and Conrad begin to form a stronger bond Beth becomes stauncher in her beliefs that Conrad is the cause of the turmoil in the family. Calvin begins toShow MoreRelatedEssay about Strangely Ordinary People1090 Words   |  5 PagesThe movie â€Å"Ordinary People† was a very entertaining and educational movie. It looked into the dynamics of families and showed the different parts and dependencies. It also looked into a type of client/therapist relationship and how it evolved over time. The discussion below will attempt to explore deeper into these aspect of the film. Throughout the film a focus on family and the dynamics is prominent. A traumatic event, the loss of a son, brother, and friend, has influenced the Jarrett greatlyRead MoreOrdinary People Movie Analysis Essay3156 Words   |  13 Pagesextent to which families are personally affected by death—whether they define loss as happening to â€Å"one of us† or to â€Å"one of them.† Death is a crisis that all families encounter, and it is recognized as the most stressful life event families face, although most do not need counseling to cope. The movie â€Å"Ordinary People† shows the turmoil of the Jarrett family caused by the loss of their beloved son and big brother, Buck. This movie depicts what might happen to an upper class family when tragedy strikesRead MoreEssay about Crack’s Effect on New York City4247 Words   |  17 Pagesname for a form of cocaine introduced in the mid-1980s. Crack is smoked, rather then sniffed through the nose, or injected, which are all other ways to use cocaine. Users of the drug inhale the vapors that are given off when the crack is heated (Berger pg.20). Crack cannot burn, and in order to give off the drugs vapors it must be heated to a very high temperature. After the crack has been heated the user will proceed to inhale the vapors. The drug will then pass from the lungs to the person’sRead MoreThe Fundamental Principles That Confirm The Importance Of Frankl s Existential Theory And Logotherapy4000 Words   |  16 Pages Existential Therapy Ms. Belinda Coulter, Arlinda Blankumsee, and Georgia Green School of Professional Counseling Lindsey Wilson College Author Note Ms. Belinda Coulter, Arlinda Blankumsee, and Georgia Green, The School of Professional Counseling, Lindsey Wilson College.Correspondence concerning this article should be addressed to Ms. Belinda Coulter, Arlinda Blankumsee, and Georgia Green, Email: belinda.coulter@lindsey.edy,, AbstractRead MoreCosmetic Surgery : Plastic Surgery And Teenagers2046 Words   |  9 Pagesas loss of nipple sensation (â€Å"40 Horrific Cosmetic Surgery Gone Wrong Statistics†). For instance, Matthew Shulman author of the article â€Å"Teens Getting Plastic Surgery: Be Cautious† said a â€Å"$20 million court award in Pennsylvania in May of 2008 to a family whose 18 year old daughter died from what was a pulmonary embolism after liposuction.† (Shulman).These facts should be taken into consideration when parents are determining to pay for a cosmetic procedure that could put your child at risk. â€Å"Most womenRead MoreOrdinary People: Treatment Plan Essay example2351 Words   |  10 PagesThe Jarrett family from the movie Ordinary People have a variety of issues. Complicating matters is the complex, tangled nature of these issues. To combat these issues we need a clear plan. In the absence of a clear plan there would be a great deal of floundering about. Floundering which would likely end in opening hurts we can not resolve. Therefore let us be clear about what we are setting out to accomplish. Step 1 Ââ€" Access Causes First we must look for the root causes of the turmoilRead MoreThe Gift Of Sex : Critique And Review Based On God s Truth6129 Words   |  25 Pagesfor married individuals explaining God’s purpose and gift of sex. Clifford and Joyce Penner also are professors at several different colleges and school organizations. The Penners’ have written numerous books that are utilized in the ministry of counseling, personal education and self-help guidance for married couples dealing with sexual adversities based on God’s Word. Their book â€Å"Men and Sex: Discovering Greater Love and Intimacy with Your Wife† won the Gold Medallion Marriage Book Award from theRead MoreA Study on Retail Loans12064 Words   |  49 Pagesshould no longer discuss mortgage enforcement primarily in terms of foreclosure law and instead should include other debtor-creditor laws such as bankruptcy, industry loss mitigation efforts, and third- party interventions such as delinquency housing counseling. In terms of analyzing this framework, it is tempting to focus on its impact on mortgage credit cost and access or on the absolute number of homes temporarily saved, but my proposed analysis is based on whether the system honors and furthers theRead MoreNursing Care Plan Essay10501 Words   |  43 Pagesdiagnosis of cachexia ( wasting) secondary to malnutrition and infection. Patient is no known allergies to drugs but is allergic to aerosol sprays disinfectants and dust.. Advanced directives on chart. Code status DNR. Primary physician Dr. R, Thoracic surgeon Dr. L. Psychology Dr.W. There is PT, OT Dietary and Infectious Disease consults when necessary. He lives with his wife who he has been married to for 56 years. His son and his daughter come to visit him. He does not smoke. He wears denturesRead MoreStephen P. Robbins Timothy A. Judge (2011) Organizational Behaviour 15th Edition New Jersey: Prentice Hall393164 Words   |  1573 PagesLibrary How Well Do I Respond to Turbulent Change? 578 Myth or Science? â€Å"Men Experience More Job Stress Than Women† 596 Self-Assessment Library How Stressful Is My Life? 600 An Ethical Choice Responsibly M anaging Your Own Stress 601 glOBalization! Work–Family Stress in Different Cultures 604 Point/Counterpoint Responsible Managers Relieve Stress on Their Employees 607 Questions for Review 608 Experiential Exercise Power and the Changing Environment 608 Ethical Dilemma Changes at WPAC 609 Case Incident

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Listening And Its Importance In Shaping Up The Analytical Skills

Question: Discuss about the Listening And Its Importance In Shaping Up The Analytical Skills. Answer: The art of listening is different from the art of hearing (Goodman, 2017). The following essay aims is based on the video of Julian Treasure who has provided his opinion on listening and its importance in shaping up the analytical skills. The essay begins with highlighting the reason behind the selection of video followed by important points highlighted in the video, personal realization and contradiction with personal philosophies of beliefs. Finally the essay sums up with the important message shared in the video. Video Taken: Reason for selection of this video Listening is defined as a mental process or a process of extraction of information via auditory impulses (Bond, 2012). However, according to Turner (2013), people are gradually losing their ability to listen. Julian Treasure in the video has opined that people spent roughly 60% of the communication time in listening. However, even in this 60%, people are not listening attentively, they are only hearing. As a result, they can retain only 25% of what they have listened during the conversation. Moreover, decay in the art of listening is making it difficult for people to pay attention to something subtle, quiet and something which is understated. According to the recent reports published in The Hindu (2015), human have two ears and one mouth and here comes the importance of listening over speaking. Bond (2012) is of the opinion that when one is hearing and not listening, the words fall on the deaf ears and fails to reach the brain. Thus in the juxtaposition of listening and hearing, the live flow of information between the people is getting stagnant and thus there is decreasing the quality of effective communication. This different between listening and hearing along with the importance of listening has been highlighted in the video of Julian Treasure, making it a topic of interest. Moreover, the video also discussed the different strategies employed for listening along the practises that must be undertaken in order to increase the power of listening and thus further making it a topic of interest. Important points emphasized The points highlighted in the video of Julian Treasure is the importance of listening, its difference between the hearing and different examples of listening. According to Julian Treasure, one of the important examples of listening is pattern recognition. The concept proposed by Julian Treasure goes in sync with the findings of Turner (2013). According to Turner (2013) pattern recognition is an important aspect of listening as it helps in the definition of relation of speech perception towards the perception of the non-verbal auditory patterns. Julian Treasure further stated that there is a whole range of filters like culture, language, values, beliefs, attitudes, expectations and it is these filters we pay attention to and thus listen to the conversation that encompass these filters. Julian Treasure further opined the listening means understanding and it helps in refining the analytical skills of the person. According to Yang (2013), listening is a thinking function and demands anal ytical skills. Under the listeners hear the speaker carefully; they will not be able to make accurate analysis. Hearing on the other hand is prerequisite of active listening. However, the majority of people fail here, as the data that are being delivered by other person fail to reach a meaningful conclusion until they focus on the words pronounced by other persons. In the video, Julian highlighted that listening promotes understanding. According to Noddings (2012), the sense of understanding comes from reading or listening, when one listens carefully, he or she feeds the data inside the brain through the input devices (ear). The focus on the words refines the art of listening and thereby increasing the skill of understanding and analysis. Personal level realization I completely agree with the message shared in the video. At present people is more important in personal broadcasting and this is hampering the listening capability. When they are not engrossed in personal broadcasting, they are immersed inside their smart phones and listening to music or surfing social media sites. While taking part in a scientific seminar I have visualised that people are pretending that they listening but are not mentally present within the conversation. Perhaps, he or she is only hearing and not listening to the sentences. As per my understanding, the people are so mugged up with their own thoughts or ideas that fail to pay attention to the words of the speaker. I think they all cared about remembering their own speech and thus are not bothered enough to listen to the speech of the co-speakers. Moreover, Julian Treasure have highlighted that the advent of the concept of recording has disrupted the art of listening. I completely agree with this statement. This is because, with the advent of the facility of recording, people have developed a tendency that they will listen to it afterwards as per their convenience. However, there is sharp difference between the live listening and listening to any recorded audio files in a fast forwarded or rewind manner. So as a whole I truly agree with the reasons highlighted as the importance of listening by Julian Treasure and this proposed approaches to practise the art of listening. Philosophies of believes Viewing this topic has challenged my own philosophy related to listening. As per my understanding, listening creates fatigue and this goes against the concept proposed by Julian Treasure that listening is increases the analytical skills. My mode of understanding is derived from the findings of the McGarrigle et al. (2014). According to McGarrigle et al. (2014), for normal hearing population, everyday listening is effortless job but listening in the midst of the noisy environments creates a stress over the brain. This is because, brain is required to carry out all the necessary backstage operations that enables selective processing of definite sound and simultaneous filtering out of irrelevant sound. However, the concept proposed by Julian Treasure says that listening is a feel of joy under every condition for example in an environment filled with cacophony. Julian Treasure further opined that understanding the difference in tempo of two sounds under a crowed environment like in a mus ic bar helps to increase the listening skills of a person. Thus my mode of understanding of listening and brain stress is contradicted with importance of exercise of listening. The message The main message provided in the video is the practising the art of listening. This is because according to Julian Treasure, active listening creates understanding. Julian Treasure proposed three approach to practise the art of listening and these includes Silence of at least 3 minutes of per day, listening to the mixer in order to detect how many sounds one can hear, enjoyment of the mundane sounds which Julian has described as hidden choir or savouring and different listening positions. Here the importance of silence per day, is symbolised as the importance of practising medication which helps to increase the concentration skills. Julian also proposed an acronym that can be helpful for practising listening and this is RASA. RASA is a Sanskrit term meaning juice or extract and Julian abbreviated as R: receive A: appreciate S: summarise A: ask Via indicating RASA, Julian meant that the best approach to listening is carefully conceptualise the speech of the other person (receive) and then via analysing the same either contradict or agree with the speaker (appreciate) and they try to cast you own approach based on the listening (summarise) and at the question the speaker if you encounter any query (ask). Another important message that is given in this video is importance of practising listening among the school children. This message opined by Julian scores immense importance in the domain of skills of primary school children. According to Davies (2017), practice of listening helps to increase the analytical skills of the children. The message is indeed powerful and will help to increase the awareness in the domain of active listening. Thus from the above discussion it can be concluded that art of listening is gradually dying among the present day population. They are getting more engrossed in their self-thoughts or their mind is getting so much pre-occupied with other activities or information that they are failing to cast attention to others words. Decline in the art of listening in turn is hampering the analytical skills of a person thereby causing a drop in intellect. Therefore, proper practise of art of listening is crucial in order to sustain the concept of attentive hearing or listening. References Bhardwaj. S., Listening as a dying Art. (2015). The Hindu. Accessed on: 3rd April. Retrieved from: Bond, C. D. (2012). An overview of best practices to teach listening skills.International Journal of Listening,26(2), 61-63. Davies, B. (2017).Life in the classroom and playground: The accounts of primary school children(Vol. 17). Routledge. Goodman, L. E. (2017). Listening and Hearing.Society,54(2), 163-170. McGarrigle, R., Munro, K. J., Dawes, P., Stewart, A. J., Moore, D. R., Barry, J. G., Amitay, S. (2014). Listening effort and fatigue: What exactly are we measuring? A British Society of Audiology Cognition in Hearing Special Interest Group white paper.International journal of audiology. Noddings, N. (2012). The caring relation in teaching.Oxford Review of Education,38(6), 771-781. Turner, K. (2013). Developing listening skills.Aspects of Teaching Secondary Modern Foreign Languages: Perspectives on Practice, 61-81. Yang, Y. T. C., Chuang, Y. C., Li, L. Y., Tseng, S. S. (2013). A blended learning environment for individualized English listening and speaking integrating critical thinking.Computers Education,63, 285-305.